Managing and Leadership in a Changing Economy: Courses to support career development and contribute to corporate performance

Organizations are under greater pressure to maintain and improve financial results for revenue generation, profitability, and efficiency.  In an economy where consumer tastes and decision-making are changing rapidly, organizations are relying on their staff to contribute to financial and operational performance.  

Distinguishing yourself and contributing to business goals in a reliable and sustainable way requires an understanding of the principles and methods used by high performing organizations to meet and exceed business objectives.  Learning how to apply these methods will develop management and leadership skills that will improve performance and accelerate career growth and opportunities.  Participants have used these skills to collaborate more effectively, improve organizational efficiency, stimulate innovation, and advance their career ambitions. 

Our courses are delivered by experienced business professionals, and use a case study method to highlight how the principles being taught are applied in “real world” scenarios.  The live training sessions are supplemented by tutorials and assignment activities to ensure participants get the individual attention required to apply the methods and processes being studied.

Courses are offered to support Leadership and Management skills.  Sample courses are described below.


Understanding the attributes of high performing organizations.

How to use Organizational Checkup tools to identify growth opportunities

How to use Core Values tools to support organizational alignment

Understanding a Business Growth Roadmap for decision-making

$800  16 hours

$900  18 hours

$900  18 hours

$1200  24 hours 


Using Priorities Assessment tools to identify and focus priorities

How to create action plans using scorecards to establish metrics and goals

How to create Playbooks to align and focus your team

How to develop frameworks for annual, quarterly, and weekly reviews

$1000  20 hours

$900  18 hours

$1200  24 hours

$1200  24 hours 

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